Join me! And find a group committed to living a more aware and authentic life. 

I’ve allays been a firm believer.



real change

comes, not from political forces or the powers at be - 

but through the hearts of the people. 

The problem is our hearts are hurting. 

As a society, we are overcome by:

  • Addiction and medicating
  • Codependency
  • Poor communication skills
  • An aversion to vulnerability
  • Destructive generational patterns
  • Patterns of negative thinking,

And much more…

As a result, we are chained to our suffering.

I was too. In fact, I was the poster-child for this way of living. 

I’m finding my way out. 

And so can you.

Come join me on the journey - to emotional freedom and become unchained from what is holding you back;

from yourself and all you are created to be and bring to this world.

If I can do it, anyone can… 

From my heart to yours…