Is It Time to Chase Your Dreams?

I found myself in a sea of silicone and tattoos.  The day was picture-perfect. I always love the intriguing nuances of South Beach where the attitudes and priorities seem so different from my own. There’s a certain freedom to it.  I love being an observer there.

I was traveling alone, something I’ve come to love.  It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself and how you fit into the world when you travel by yourself.

Though I was born and raised in Central Florida, I’ve never really belonged here. This is not my place. The people and the culture of other geographic locations resonate more with me and I with them. There are places I am more well- received. It’s rare for me to go to these places without meeting someone interesting and new - and create some sort of connection. I’ve experienced this in certain parts of California and Texas, as well as North Carolina and of oddly enough, South Beach. Diverse places, I know. I didn’t say it made sense, I just said it happens.

So, on this sunny day in South Florida, I picked a shaded spot neatly positioned between the pool and ocean. Beach bag heavy with laptop and the requisite sunscreen – I set out... to watch and to write. Observing the conversations around me. Trying to go unnoticed, but sometimes the most silent among us make the loudest noise. A woman traveling alone – just because she wants to? It throws people.

The words came quickly – imaginative stories about my fellow sun worshippers. This one, a rock star – that one a prostitute – the one over there was dying a little inside. It was a practice session of making sense of the world via prose -  symbols strung together. Some of it was good.

That was the weekend I became a writer.

Six weeks later, I launched Unchained and I have been writing consistently ever since. There are ideas and dreams. To build this thing out – to create a place that helps people. To make products and communities to give people the courage to step out of their comfort zones and live their best lives. I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t ever stop working on it, even if it’s only in my mind.

Sometimes you just know. Or sometimes you don’t know, exactly, but can’t help yourself.

Sometimes it’s time to chase your dreams. For me, that time is now.

What about you? What is your passion? That God-given innate thing lurking inside of you just begging to come out? What’s holding you back?

Perhaps it’s time to chase your dream.

I’m starting a blogging course – to help you define and establish a web presence for your dream and execute it based your goals. I’ll help teach you how to create what you want to create. This is the first one, you’ll be getting a lot of my personal attention so I can work out the kinks and determine how to add the most value to the course moving forward.

(If you’d like to learn more and sign up, click here.) We’re starting February 8 – so don’t wait.

Thanks for reading and supporting me as I chase my dream.

I hope you chase yours as well.

Here’s to making it great.