5 Easy Steps to Looking Great All the Time (Even If You Have No Time and Not a Lot of $$)

Oh God, I hate you…

I had just stepped into our corporate conference room a few minutes early for a weekly meeting. My co-worker was looking straight at me – it was just the two of us in the room.

You look great again today – every day. Is there ever a time you don’t look this good? How do you do it?

10 years my junior, I like this woman a lot. She is smart and does her job well.  She’s single. Her money and her time are both her own. Mine are not. I understood what she meant.

I laughed as I took my seat at the table.

Umm – thanks, I think…

I receive comments on my appearance sometimes and it’s not because I’m the most attractive person in the room. Most of what people perceive about me is a result of what I’ve done on the insides of my life; knowing myself, loving myself, being confident in who and where I am.  The stuff you read about mostly in this blog. If I’m being honest, I don’t think physical looks are all that important; to me people become beautiful based on the merits of their hearts and how they choose to love themselves and others.

That being said,  physical self – care is important. You, me, we - are worth taking care of.

I don’t talk about this aspect of my life very much. It seems vain I guess, and a little too ‘surface-y’ for my liking. But how we see ourselves is important, how we value ourselves even more so. Good self-care is essential to living a full and abundant life. 

I’ve set up a system that helps me care for myself and creates space so I can fully enjoy my life. This system honors my limited time and resources while allowing for great self-care. I think this type of life is available to all of us. 

If you have something that works in your life, you share it with others, so here goes:

1.       Keep your body in shape with regular exercise:  I know, I know you’re tired of hearing it, but it’s the truth. Regular exercise not only keeps you healthy and energized, but it is a key to looking your best no matter what. I’m not an exercise fanatic. But I do commit to 30 – 60 minutes of exercise 3-4 times per week. Over time, it pays off, I promise. (see how I lost 50 pounds here) It’s the one thing I don’t compromise on. I make time to do this, by eliminating time sucking activities like shopping.

2.       Don’t shop: At least not very much and not in the traditional sense. I use Amazon Prime a lot – like A LOT.  And, I utilize grocery delivery services in my area. Right now, I’m using Shipt – which works just fine. There are others I haven’t tried and I hear they’re good too. Eliminating shopping helps me take control over my time so I can have more of it to spend with my kids and doing the things I enjoy (and need for good self-care). Plus, not rummaging down the aisles of Target each week helps keep the budget on track. If I’m out, it’s because I’m doing something that adds value to my life, not running a bunch of errands. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can try it for FREE here. 

So, if I don’t shop, how do I update my wardrobe and keep up with things like personal care products? Easy – I buy from friends.

3.       Buy from friends: Clothing, skincare, nutrition – almost anything, really. Your friends are all out there selling it – so why not buy from them?  I love this, because it keeps me connected to people I like and if I need something, it’s just a quick phone call away. I get what I need, the sale helps my friend. It’s a win-win and I’m all about the win-win. The three businesses I buy from most regularly are, Arbonne, cabi, and Rodan + Fields. Ping my friends if you’d like to learn more.

4.       Keep your closet clean and simple: For me, this is this is the most important step (well maybe #2 behind exercise).  I keep my closet simple. I don’t own a lot of clothes. And I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes either. Here are some basic rules I use to keep my closet clean:

  • If you don’t feel great in it – get rid of it! Why walk out of the house feeling, meh?
  • Only one item for each purpose. You can’t wear two pair of black boots at a time, so why own more than one? My rule is buy one, the highest quality you can afford – and when that’s worn out or becomes out of style, buy a replacement.
  • Tailor, tailor, tailor… clothes look much better when they fit your body. Buy one, have it altered to fit your uniqueness – you’ll look fantastic with every wear.

Ok – I’ll let you in on a little secret (I can’t believe I’m doing this). The secret is cabi. Cabi is a huge part of keeping my closet clean and simple. Twice a year, my friend (and cabi stylist) comes over to show me the new line. I invite some friends and together, we shop. Since I host the event, I get most of my order at ½ off. Because I shop cabi, there isn’t a real need to go to the malls to find what I need because something great is already in my closet. The pieces are well-made, unique, and launder beautifully. Shopping for clothes this way allows me to turn my closet over about once a year at ½ off. It’s a great system.

5.       Get into the groove: Consistency in routine creates success. This is especially true for self-care.

  • Eat, Sleep, and be Merry - Don’t eat much, sleep more – you don’t need to eat as much as you think and you probably need more rest. Don’t ever compromise on your sleep, it depletes you. And water, drink a lot of water.
  • Haircuts – here’s where you spend your money, not on the 5th pair of black pants. Commit to the best haircut you can afford, and make regular appointments. While you’re paying for your services, book the next one.
  • Facials, waxing, nails, etc. – determine what’s important to you -  commit to doing those things for yourself.  And, same as that haircut, make the next appointment before you leave.
  • Annuals – I know you know this, but you won’t look your best, or be your best, if you’re not healthy. Make (and keep) those annual physicals and screening appointments.

Ok, friends. There is so much more I could write here. I realize I’ve glossed over a lot, so if you’d like to know more, send me a message – I’ll get back to you.

One thing before we leave – never forget, you are worthy and deserve to look great and feel great, every day.

Here’s to you and me and living our best lives!

**Girl’s gotta eat -  I want you to know, I’m an Amazon affiliate, which means I’ll get a little (very little) $$ if you sign up for Prime using this link. And, I have unofficial affiliate deals w/ my friends at cabi, Arbonne and R+F – so same applies for those (but I do not sell any of these products).  #girlsgottaeat