Don't Be Fooled by Self-Doubt

How do you handle self-doubt? For some of us, it's debilitating. Doubting yourself sometimes makes you want to quit. What we believe about ourselves and the messages we allow in, are often crucial to a successful outcome in any situation. Sometimes we begin to doubt ourselves because our 'gut' is telling us one thing while the people and circumstances around us are saying something else. Sometimes, the people around us are gaslighting. 

In this video, I talk about breakthrough. Essentially, I'm referring to a new level of understanding or influence. In my journey, I've found the moment I'm about to take things to the next level is when I'll face great resistance. 

Sometimes outside circumstances will come up against you to make it seem like there is no hope - and that you're on the wrong path. Believe in yourself. Know, that if you're in a situation, place, or circumstance - you are there for a reason. You were meant for greatness and to fully show up in be present where you are right now. Don't let self-doubt tell you any differently. 

And.. Last week, I launched a Divorcing Well private Facebook group. The focus will center around supporting one another and finding our solutions. If you'd like to be a part of this group, sign up and I'll add you. It's a great group of women - some are in the dredges, some are on the other side - some are those who have supported me on my journey and have added immeasurable value to my life. The only thing missing is YOU. Come, join us!