Dating After Divorce - Yes, We Went There

Seriously, can we not talk about this? It just HARD you guys!

But – it’s come up several times in the divorce group this week, so I thought I might broach the subject during our weekly live video. It was a lot of fun I think!

This video is just an excerpt. Join the group to watch the whole thing!

Some of the questions up for grabs included…

How long should I wait after my divorce to begin dating?

I have no idea – some said one month for each year of marriage. Someone else said it takes at least three months to just get all those stress hormones out of your body so you can think straight. God only knows you don’t want to enter the dating pool not thinking straight! (Seriously, you don’t)

One brave member of our group said she waited three years – three years – can you imagine?

But the consensus was that the timing is entirely up to you. You’ll know when you’re ready to saddle up and mount that horse again…

We also talked a little about online dating and what that’s like.

Plus, we followed up with the biggie we’re all thinking but not asking:

Intimacy. Yikes! And Yay!

In the end, the big takeaway was that dating is good - because it helps you learn about yourself and what you want in a partner. So keep up the good work, my friends!

You’ll have to join the group to watch the whole conversation.

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