Why Dealing with Your Pain Will Save Your Life

Sometimes people aren't very nice. Or rather they're not considerate and intentional with their words and the implications of such. 

People are hurting. And hurt people hurt people.

It really is that simple. 

How many tears have I cried over these things? How many have I held back?  Stoic -  as they begin to eat me alive from the inside out. 

For I learned a long time ago not to cry. Not to show my true feelings. Because allowing others knowledge into my heart would inevitably mean that sacredness might be used against me. 

The thawing of my heart is a process. 

There is no quick fix for matters of heartache. The process shouldn't be rushed. The healing comes when it is ready and at the perfect time. 

Always the perfect time. 

Life is good that way. Even though it's hard for me to sit in the waiting. 

I still know how the story ends. 

I know it ends with me being ok.

It ends that way for you too. Perhaps a little beaten and bruised. Perhaps not. But certainly, ok, and wiser from the experience and from the feeling of it. 

Because feeling what you need to feel is the most loving thing you can do for you. 

And love always helps you find your best self. 

Creation comes thru love and we are creating all the time. Whether we realize it or not. 

So pain. How we handle our pain is important.

Can we sit in it?

Can we allow it to tenderize our hearts?

Or do we run from it? Always looking for the next place in which to discharge? An unsuspecting assault via drive by or in the next drink - the 5th cupcake. It all works. At least for a moment.

But none of these help us to grow. And they also damage relationship. With ourselves and with others.

Deadening our pain makes it hard to keep our heads above water - it can make us feel as if we are drowning.

You are certainly worthy of a better life.

Are you brave enough to handle your pain today?

I think so, yes.

Here’s to making it great.