5 Reasons You Should Never Write a Blog

I've pondered, I've questioned, I've lamented, I've worried. All the while knowing in my knower that  I needed to write. I've put it off, I've delayed - some reasons were legitimate, others were not - both had the same outcome.  And so, here we go, the first iteration of my writing; a blog. In addition, I have two more projects in the works, we'll see how it goes...But before I begin, I thought it necessary to share with you the reasons I should absolutely not be doing this. Hope this inspires you in your journey to follow your passion. Enjoy!

1,  It's vulnerable. Even as I sit here and work on this thing, I'm in an absolute vulnerability panic. People will know my crap. That just can't be right, can it? I mean, people should not know my crap, right? Whatever. Last night I had to put the whole thing down and do what any self-respecting woman would do when she's freaked out, eat a bunch of Nutella while binge watching Seinfeld on Hulu. Who's with me?

2.  Someone might try to harm you. What?!  Seriously, that was the reaction from a loving family member. He has experience with some of the world's crazies, so he would know I guess. And I'm not saying there aren't a (small) handful of folks who might argue a legitimate reason to do me harm; but not from this thing. For those people, I will deal with you one-to-one. Everyone else should just read it and be inspired. And, if you ever feel led to execute on #2... stop and ask yourself, why? Then find a good therapist. Thank you.

3.  Everyone might hate it. Which of course translates to everyone might hate ME... Ouch. Do I even know what I'm doing? Probably not. Plus, I'm not exactly the world's most prolific writer. Criticism hurts and do I even want to open myself up to all of that? Geez. 

4.  Someone might love it.  Even scarier...this means they might want more and as a recovering co-dependent, I tremor at the thought of someone wanting more from me than I am willing and able to give them. What if I cannot give them more? What if this one post is all I have in me? I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

5.  You might lose your family and friends. Again, What?!  Wait. James Altucher once told me if I became a writer, there was a good possibility I'd lose all my family and friends.Well, I hope that doesn't happen. I mean, I've just done all this work so I could have healthy relationships with these people! It would be a shame to lose them now. So, family and friends, please don't walk away, If you do, I might have to call in the #2s!

Make it great everyone!