How to Live Life With No Regrets

I live a wholehearted life– a life of openness and vulnerability. This means I take chances and calculated risks and when there’s a choice between playing it safe and going for it, I go for it.  Because here’s the thing – you will hardly ever regret trying but you will always regret never knowing. 

Here are 5 things that help me experience this amazing journey called life without regretting a single minute…

1.  Fill your life with what fills you up. My daily grind keeps me hopping and like many of us, my life is very full.  I prioritize what is really important and try to fill my days with things that add real value. I leave the rest. Many things I used to think were a big deal, just aren’t anymore.  If you come to my house, you're likely to find any number of dirty dishes in my sink- am I lazy? No. Are my housekeeping skills lacking? Maybe. But the point is,  dirty dishes will be there almost always no matter how hard I try to get them all clean. There are always more to do. There is always more work and other crap in my life that just takes, takes, takes. So, when faced with the choice to tackle those dishes or do, say – I don’t know, just about anything else – I’ll choose the good stuff every time.  A chat with a friend, extra time with my kids, watching a favorite show, finishing a great novel – these are all things that fill me up and add energy and value to my life. Don’t pass up the good stuff for the things of obligation. You’ll regret it – and the dishes will be there when you’re done (trust me).

2.  Choose the good stuff.  Only allow things, people, situations, and experiences into your life that make a direct deposit into your energy tank. “Does it make your heart sing?” is a phrase I use to teach my kids (especially my daughters) how to spend their money.  Don’t buy anything unless it makes your heart sing – you know that feeling. Same goes for relationships, jobs, friends, etc. You and you alone are responsible for what (and how much) you allow into your life.  Don’t be a victim – you deserve the good stuff.

3.   Be kind.  Even when others are not being kind to you. Sometimes, people are just flat out terrible to each other. This is as true on the subway as it is in the workplace, grocery line, sometimes even within our own families. But just because you’re experiencing the people around you in a negative way, does not give you license to reciprocate. Doing so only breeds negativity and winds up hurting you in the end.  I can say there has never been a time when I’ve regretted showing kindness to someone. But I can say with quite certainty that I have regretted almost every instance when I’ve been rude or unkind. Think about it.

4.   Go for it! – That dream job, the relationship that might not work out – the crazy idea that sits hopefully in the back of your mind.  Just go for it. Don’t let logistics and the fear of the unknown get in the way of your happiness. You know what you want – you do! Just go for it and the details will work themselves out.

5.    Give yourself grace.  When you live a life without regret sometimes pain and heartache are a part of the package. Feel it, experience it, learn from it and then, give yourself grace. Accepting your pain, accepting that you tried, is all a part of the process. It also means you’re ALIVE and experiencing life. There is no greater gift and when things do work out, it’s all the sweeter.

Don’t regret a single minute my friends!

Let’s make it great!