Just Around the Bend

I’ve just spent the last several days in one of my favorite spots on earth. Tucked away in the hills of the Smoky Mountains, this cute little town in North Carolina is not known for its lavish resorts or expanded amenities. It is a simple place, trading name brand golf courses and country clubs for small creeks and modest family vacation homes that have spanned generations  - along with views that I’m convinced are as close to God as any you’ll ever see. There is a spirit here you won’t find elsewhere; those seeking God have also found this place with prayer and meditation houses haphazardly dotting the landscape. There’s a thriving arts district nearby as well – creative energy and God often walk hand – in – hand.

When I’m here, I hike to the top of the mountain using the general access road. The path promises to take me on an easy glide to the top via a twisted path that never offers the same experience twice.  

I have always loved country roads, or rather, I love images of country roads where the trees stand tall and the path winds in such a way that you can’t quite tell where it’s going until you get there. There’s something about this scene where the sole focus is on the path   - leaving you to envision what lies just beyond your line of sight. I love the possibility, and the hope of it.

In life, the greatest things, the most exciting, and sometimes the scariest things lie just around the bend.

This is the place you know is there but you can’t yet see. It’s the place that leads to your future but what that future looks like exactly, is still a bit unclear. It’s the place where you’ve set yourself up for success, but the results haven’t presented themselves – as there is still more work to do.

Many people spend their lives afraid. Afraid of taking chances, of taking that next step until they are certain of the outcome. But I’ve found there is a beauty and a hope in the unknown. I’ve found if you can take daily steps toward the next right thing and then let go of the outcome, your outcome often materializes in greater ways than you can ever imagine.

One thing I know for sure, to find out you can’t stop and you can’t turn around – you must keep going. The brave stand tall in the face of uncertainty.

Wherever you are, whatever your journey, or your situation, the promise and the hope lie just around the bend – but you’ll have to keep going to get there. Don’t stop and don’t give up.

Here’s to making it great.