The Power of Rest

“I’m just so busy…” I caught myself. I was in the grocery store talking to a friend, or an acquaintance really, who had asked about my life. I never want to be the I’m so busygirl. The truth is we’re all really busy with things we’ve made up to do in order to occupy our time. Our level of busyness (or avoidance) is entirely up to us. When it comes to civilization, we have more free time than any societal group in human history. But even with all of our newly found freedom, we don’t take the time to properly care for ourselves in body and in spirit.

I want to be intentional with my time. If I’m so busy, it means I’m not doing a very good job.

If you look closely, you’ll see that life ebbs and flows in a regular pattern requiring different levels of energy expenditure. For me, there is normally a catalyst event around mid-summer which turns into a chaotic period requiring much of my physical or emotional energy. This lasts for several months, until there is a release of some sort. It is during this release that I’m called to rest. Once my resting period is complete, I will experience breakthrough where I am entered into something new, which usually takes place somewhere around mid to late Fall (October/November). This process happens consistently at some level each year, with what I would call a big event taking place about every 4 years.

The process is not a science, or even an art really, I would describe it more as a universal principle that is part of our natural evolution. There is a lot of religious teaching around this principle and the concept of rest.  I know this process is a big part of my growth and healing.

I consistently struggle with the idea that rest is required before I can enter into the new; the concept goes against my hard wiring.

I’ve learned if I can’t do this on my own, rest will be forced upon me – through an illness or other means.

You just really can’t argue with God.

Why is rest so important? There’s the obvious of course, our bodies need a break – our minds need a break. But technically, you should be getting this each night during your regular course of sleep.

No. The rest I’m referring to is the rest that’s needed for transformation.

We need a break from the output – our life’s tasks and duties and the things we do every day to keep our lives in line. We also need a break from the input – what we consume. Some people call this fasting. Input can consist of food, media, ideas and thoughts from other people.

The period of rest that is required for transformation is a time for reflection. It’s also a time for cleansing and renewal. It’s a time to reconnect with and strengthen ourselves. What could be more powerful?

Once you are strengthened and connected to both yourself and the universe around you, you become unstoppable in your life’s purpose.

Which begs the question, is there anything more important than rest?

Happy Labor Day everyone.

Let’s make it great.