What Love Looks Like

The people are protesting. The people are pissed – except for half the people. Half the people are elated. Half the people feel justified. The other half feel scorned. Half the people didn’t even show up.

Sometimes in life, you’re lucky if half the people even show up.

I hate politics. Holding firm to a personal belief that the only way to effect real change is not through government, but through the hearts of the people.

I come from a conservative background and am a registered Republican, but I did not vote for Trump. When someone says, “I voted for Trump.” I hear, “I’m cool with a culture that promotes hatred, bigotry, and rape.” I just can’t seem to get over this.

A lot of people I know and love voted for Trump. I mean a lot of them. These are good people – they are the best people. I know their vote for Trump was not intended to give endorsement to a culture of hatred, bigotry, and rape. They see things differently – but if I’m being honest, their viewpoint hurts my heart a little bit. I think they’re missing it. I think they’re wrong – they think I’m wrong. God, I hate politics.

In elections, we vote our priorities. We have the right to vote our priorities. I am grateful for this.

My experience is a snapshot of what is happening throughout our entire country. What happened last week lanced a boil that’s been brewing right beneath the surface of our Nation; for our hearts are not aligned. I think it’s time to pop that sucker right open and deal with ourselves and each other about what’s residing in our hearts – on both sides of the fence; my heart included.

This will be a difficult challenge for all who are willing to accept it.

When I am faced with life’s most difficult personal challenges, I begin by asking the question, what does love look like here? In every situation, love looks like something. I get to choose who I will be – and if I can’t love (yet) I stand down until I’m ready. Sometimes you’re just not ready, and that’s ok.

What does love look like for me in the wake of this election? Who do I want to be?

I have decided:  I want to be the person who respects, even when she doesn’t understand. I want to be the person who helps unite and not divide. I want to be the person who can honor another’s truth while firmly maintaining her own.  I want to be the person who loves, even when her heart is hurting.

What will love look like for you? Who will you be?

I will leave you today with my favorite quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. that is certainly overused but never gets old…

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Minister, Civil Rights Activist

Let's go make it great.