​When It’s Time for a New Beginning…

I spent a week this year living in one of the most amazing 1300 square feet I’ve ever stepped foot in. The private residence was meticulously finished with every detail carefully thought through and even though the physical space was essentially tiny, you never felt like there was too little room. When something is right, it’s just right. When something is right, you want to put yourself in park and stay there forever.

By the same measure, when something is wrong it’s just wrong. And no amount of addition or adornment will change that. Sometimes things start out wrong – other times what was once right, shifts and becomes wrong. Sometimes you shift and what was once right for you isn’t any longer.

Sometimes it’s time for a new beginning.

New beginnings are more difficult than they should be. We must say goodbye to what is before we are able to fully say hello to what will be.

A death needs to occur. This theme is universal. For a seed to germinate, it must first be broken apart and destroyed. The plant produced something entirely foreign from its origin to the naked eye. The idea of sacrificial death is a key component to every religion I’m aware of. Nature, religion – they are mirrors of life.

Our human condition is no different.

A new beginning into something better and more beautiful will mean death to the actions, attitudes and beliefs of today.

Yet, we resist, for we cannot see beyond ourselves in the here and now.

Why do we resist the natural evolution of our minds and spirits? Mainly, it’s because we believe lies. Lies are presented to us in many forms – sometimes served up on beautifully presented silver platters that are hard to resist – And they can be told by anyone – sometimes those closest to us. These lies encourage the status quo. They encourage us to remain comfortable in our current condition. They tell us that if we’re feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable and scared, then we must be doing it wrong. And God forbid, you don’t want to do it wrong…

These lies tell us there is a formula for success that we all must follow. The lies box us in. Individuality is pushed aside and a herd mentality prevails.

New beginnings require courage to break out of the status quo. They require you to bring your God-given individuality to the table. They require more of the real YOU - which requires you to know and understand what that actually is…

Is it time for your new beginning?
Here’s to making it great.