It was a very bad day. 

He was fired and upon release of the news, the company stock increased by 21%....

She looked into her checking account and realized he had taken everything and had gone himself, leaving her with the house and the kids and all the explaining that goes along with such a matter…

After years of an empty and volatile relationship, she had come to the realization that the life and the world she had built for herself needed to come to an end…

After weeks of tests, they got the phone call; their child would be battling the illness for the rest of his life.

Death - loss - grief.

Sometimes things really are that bad.

You’ve lost your job
The test results were not good
The money is gone
The marriage is over
He doesn’t love you anymore
The world isn’t as safe as you want it to be…

The thing you thought was – wasn’t. The thing you hoped for didn’t come through.
Your ego is crushed, your hope is gone – but finally there is something to work with.

There is no greater place than the place of surrender. When you’re wrecked, you are pliable, bendable, and teachable. This is the place you find out who you really are. This is the place where you get to separate your true self from your life’s circumstances. It’s the place where you begin to pick up the pieces and decide what gets to stay and what must go. Being wrecked can be your biggest advantage in obtaining real happiness.

Because when you reach the end of yourself, the miracle happens.

As humans, we tend to rely on our life’s circumstances for safety, security and self-worth. But all of those things are actually only found and accessed from within.

If you are in this place right now, I encourage you to let go. Try to find the place within you that connects to the universe, you’ll see yourself and subsequently your life will begin to transform. The way you fix the problem and disappointment you’re in right now is by releasing it – to God, your higher power or whatever it is that you believe in.

Being wrecked does not mean your life is over – it simply means life has only just begun.

Here’s to making it great.