The shaking

Something is wrong, very wrong - maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, maybe you can and have decided enough is enough. Maybe he’s left you to pick up the pieces. At it’s core, this is the part where you begin to realize, something must change. you’re seeing signs – your life as you know it – as you envisioned – as you’d hoped is falling apart or has fallen apart. You might be spinning out of control on the inside. It’s possible this is difficult to notice from the outside – you’re in crisis mode. You might be in shock.

the breaking

You’ve filed for divorce or about to file for divorce. This is the part where it gets messy. Emotions are high and you don’t want to make decisions out of a place of anxiety and fear.  There will be times you won’t be able to think clearly because there is so much stress. This is why it’s important to establish your divorce team in the shaking phase. Those you have put in place to help meet your emotional, legal, and financial needs will carry you in this phase. Remember, the decisions you make here could make an impact on the rest of your life. it’s important to step into this phase with a good understanding of your needs, your deal breakers and the things you are willing to let go.

the making