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The Support You Need During Divorce....

Introducing the Divorcing Well Mentoring Program


It is the most difficult challenge you’ll likely face. Regardless of the circumstances, or reasons, or who is leaving whom, divorce is never easy and it’s likely the single most impactful event of your life – emotionally, relationally, legally, financially.

Make sure you’re ready and equipped for the impact.

There are three phases to divorce, The Shaking, The Breaking, and The Making (of your new life). Each phase comes with its unique challenges emotionally, relationally, physically, legally, and financially. I’ve been where you are. I’ve faced these challenges and navigated through them successfully. Now, you can learn from my experience (from both my victories and blunders). And apply what I’ve learned to make your own experience more productive and a little less scary.

You are not alone.

My team and I coach you through the relational, emotional, and logistical aspects of divorce. We’re there when you need someone in which to bounce ideas, or need a solid plan that gets you to the next phase of your process. When we work together, we help you:

-          Manage expectations (yours and those of the people around you)

-          Establish effective boundaries

-          Learn to Co-parent successfully

-          Help your kids even when you’re falling apart inside

-          Set a plan of good self-care

 -         Support your legal and financial team allowing them to focus on your case while we focus on you

-          Set up your new life (Where do you even begin? We'll show you!)

As a part of our mentoring program, you have access to the exclusive Divorcing Well online community as well as lists, resources, and tools available to help make your divorce process as smooth as possible.

I’ve been where you are and am safely on the other side. I am thriving, my kids are thriving and now, I want to help you.

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